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What made you apply to Northreach?

Tori: Having just moved to Essex, I was actively seeking a new role that was local to my new home, but also offered me a new challenge. Recruitment seemed like a natural next step for me since I had previous experience in the employment sector and sales. I enjoy working toward targets and wanted to receive rewards for my efforts.

When I found Northreach, it ticked all my boxes when it came to training, advancement, a new challenge, a positive working environment, and great rewards. It was evident that the management and team are what really bring Northreach to life, and everyone was rewarded, recognised, and celebrated in their own way, which made working for the company an exciting prospect! It has been 10 months since I joined Northreach, and I can confidently say that everything I found before joining was true. It was the best career move I’ve ever made.


Do you remember your first day?

Tori: I remember it really well…

Despite my usual first-day nerves, everyone was very friendly and welcoming from the start. My first day was spent meeting everyone, shadowing them, learning more about the processes, and getting to know the types of clients we work with. My Manager (Ben) took me to lunch so we could discuss my first day and answer any questions I had, which was lovely.


What has been your biggest achievement/success?

Tori: This is the first company I’ve worked for those rewards and recognises its employees, so I can humbly say that there are a few moments that I’m proud of so far. My biggest achievement and best feeling has been to consistently hit my recruiter targets every quarter since joining. It takes lots of hard work and determination, and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of such a great team but knowing you’re doing it right feels great.


What’s your favourite part of the job?

Tori: I’d say my favourite part of the job is getting to tell candidates that they’ve secured a new role, hearing their excitement and happiness is enough to brighten anyone’s day.


Your top three words to describe Northreach

Tori: Fun, Rewarding, Family.


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