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We are often asked how to hire and build one and as a first step, we ask them to describe their ideal team. What key characteristics do they look for when hiring a great fit for the role and building a strong team? What is the priority of their organization?

We discussed ‘How to build a dream team in 2023‘ in the first episode of Coffee Mornings with Northreach featuring Sam & Robbie. In this episode, we highlighted how hiring correctly is essential to building a successful team. We recommend you listen to it if you haven’t already. A holistic approach to building a team and achieving your business goals is discussed in this episode.

As we move back to our current topic of discussion on hiring right, there are a few preliminary screening questions you should consider before you begin the hiring process. These questions are imperative:

♥ Do you have a clear understanding of your company’s mission and vision?
♥ Is your company prepared to hire the desired candidate?
♥ Have you conducted a thorough analysis of your competitors?
♥ Are you considering partnering with a talent agency? Have you weighed the pros and cons?
♥ How critical is culture fit to your hiring process?
♥ Do you have a transparent process in place?
♥ Is there a pre-onboarding plan that you have considered?

Your talent acquisition strategy will be successful if you have clear answers to these questions. While we comprehend hiring a “dream team” is challenging, if done right it can be incredibly rewarding. Any business’ success depends on hiring the right people. As we move into 2023, there are a few things to keep in mind when hiring to ensure you find the best talent. With years of experience in talent acquisition and management, we share comprehensive insider tips on how to hire the right person and build a strong team:

IX ways to hire right in 2023


  • Clearly defined hiring needs and value proposition

A thorough situational analysis is required when hiring the right people. To grow effectively, businesses must perform an effective internal audit – identifying the needs and evaluating whether they are prepared to do so.

An internal audit will help to determine two key areas for your brand: 1) it will help to identify if your brand is ready for growth, and 2) it will help you determine what skills (hard and soft skills) and characteristics your next hire should have, ensuring a good cultural fit. Be sure to conduct this critical first step in your hiring process with precision and dedication; it can be a deal-breaker.

  • Build an effective research strategy

Next, you must conduct a competitive analysis. A competitive analysis will enable you to stand out in a volatile labour market. Offering competitive compensation and benefits is crucial to attracting and retaining top candidates. Research industry standards and ensure that your offer meets those of other companies. For starters, consider salary (through salary benchmarking), personal development incentives, and flexibility (hybrid and remote work).

  • Have the right people involved in the hiring process

A siloed approach is not very effective for the hiring manager or employer. There should be input from everyone involved, including human resources, technical teams, leadership, and all departments affected by the new hire. Obtaining a 360-degree view of a candidate requires multiple perspectives. It is often helpful to include representatives from across the organization that will be affected by hiring. This will form an unbiased assessment and screen for different attributes so that the hiring decision can be made.

  • Ensure that there is a comprehensive hiring plan  

Effective team building requires efficient hiring. A candidate-focused approach and having a positive candidate experience are crucial to ensuring that you hire the most talented candidates. Successful job advertisements, screening applications, conducting interviews, and negotiating job offers are all critical components of this process. Transparency and speed are key to an effective hiring process. Also, remember to keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the hiring process by providing regular updates.

To determine a candidate’s suitability, consider multiple criteria instead of just one interview or test. To obtain a well-rounded picture of the candidate, use a variety of assessment methods, including behavioural interviews, skills tests, and reference checks. A successful interview requires considering the time and resources of all parties involved, so it is best to avoid scheduling in-person interviews prematurely. To save time and effort, screening calls and other assessments can be conducted first to ensure the candidate ticks all the right boxes. Only, after a candidate passes the screening process should they be interviewed to determine if they fit an organization’s DNA. But remember to keep the process nimble – stringing along workers while looking for the “perfect candidate” can cause them to lose patience and walk away.

When building your team, ensure that diversity and inclusion are considered. Diverse perspectives and experiences can lead to better decision-making and problem-solving. This must reflect in your hiring process and decisions.

Another inevitable part of the hiring process is negotiation, so be prepared for it. As soon as you have found the right candidate, be prepared to negotiate salary, benefits, and other incentives. For the candidate to be committed to the role, it is essential to find a mutually acceptable arrangement.

Continuously improve the hiring process by soliciting feedback from current employees and candidates. In addition, adjust your recruiting strategy based on the results of using data and analytics.

  • Selection of key channels for its promotion

When choosing a channel, ensure that data is at the core of your decision. What platforms do your ideal candidates engage on? In the past, what platforms have performed well for similar job listings? How successful have various platforms been in the past (with candidate retention in mind)? By using data-driven decisions, you will be able to optimize results. Reach a diverse pool of candidates using a variety of recruitment methods. Job boards, social media, employee referrals, and industry networking events partnering with talent management firms, might be examples of this.

  • Hire for the ethos and attitude / Culture first approach

One study found that 73% of employees left a job because of poor cultural fit. Business is paying a high price for behavioural clashes. Sam & Robbie discuss it in depth in our recent Vlog. Listen to their discussion about how culture plays a critical role in retaining and hiring the best talent.

The key to a successful culture-first hiring process is to look beyond technical skills and understand the DNA, essence, and underlying goals of the organization to find the right candidate. After you gain clarity on your company’s culture, values, and mission, proudly own it and communicate it to people throughout the hiring process. Choosing employees who align with a company’s brand and values can enhance and reinforce its image and reputation. It also leads to higher employee retention rates.

  • Re-think brand positioning

To attract top talent, it is also important to rethink your brand positioning when hiring. Potential candidates will be more likely to apply if the job listing highlights the company’s values, mission, and culture. Furthermore, the positioning of the hiring manager/employer/talent partners is also important to ensure effective hiring. The likelihood of top talent applying for a job posted by an industry thought leader at their firm is high, so consider investing in your brand positioning and personal branding through your narrative and content.

Additionally, by assessing how a candidate’s personal brand aligns with the company’s, you’ll be able to gauge whether they could have an impact on the company. The goal of brand positioning during the hiring process is not only to attract the best talent but also to establish and maintain a positive reputation, thereby contributing to long-term success and growth.

Also, it’s imperative to consider the diversity of your workforce in terms of their backgrounds, experiences, and identities. Diverse teams can help drive innovation, improve decision-making, and align with the brand’s values and mission by bringing in different perspectives and ideas.

  • Develop a solid on-boarding program

A good on-boarding process is essential. When you hire someone, ensure you have a comprehensive on-boarding process in place to help them adjust to the company and their role. By doing this, they will feel more comfortable and more productive, and turnover will be reduced significantly. As a starting point, you can run an effective on-boarding program by sending video messages, an email series (information about the company, work culture, their role, etc.), pre-boarding information packs, and welcome kits.

  • Keep an eye on employee engagement and satisfaction

The key to employee retention is making them feel accepted and supported. Hence, you should check in regularly with your employees and encourage feedback and suggestions, to improve engagement, which will help you retain talented employees. Foster a positive and supportive work environment to retain top performers. This might include opportunities for career development, work-life balance initiatives, and recognition for good work. Remember, hiring the right people is not just about filling a vacancy, it’s an investment in the future success of your company.

Kindly note: This list is not exhaustive, and some points may not apply to every company or industry. You should tailor the list to your specific needs and context.

As a small business owner without an in-house HR division, we understand how challenging it can be to hire the right people for your team. If you need assistance, our company will be able to help you. From brand positioning to employee retention strategy, we provide a 360-degree talent management solution. Our end-to-end solution ensures your business hires the best talent and retains them for a long time.

Get in touch and let’s hire right in 2023!