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New stickers have arrived! What’s new this time? We are expanding the Northreach sticker collection and designed a paw of the polar bear!

It represents the spirit animal – it is strong on the idea of protecting those it cares about – its family. They always stick together and are consistent in their approach in order to create a sense of safety.

That’s what we want our clients and candidates to feel when working with us. We got your back! #yougotthis

Stickers are such a cool addition to our marketing and we’ve probably went through +1000 of them! If you ever get a chance to visit Northreach HQ, you will notice that we’re slightly obsessed.. we have them sticked on literally EVERYWHERE.


They’re also a fantastic touch to the Northreach starter packs for our candidates. The quality is amazing, they’re vinyl stickers we ordered from Sticker Mule, they are super durable & weather resistant. Click here to check them out!

Don’t they look amazing?!