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The Northreach pack are so proud to announce Robbie’s incredibly well deserved promotion to Consultant. 2020 was with no doubt the most challenging year yet, but Robbie still managed to absolutely smash his yearly target. He has shown drive, determination and resilience from the very first day at Northreach. Thank you for everything you do, Robbie! 

Northreach: What made you apply for work in Northreach? 

Robbie: Well for me a big part of it was gut feeling – like so many I didn’t set out to become a recruiter and working in sales it seemed like something I thought I might be half-good at. The biggest thing was working for the right company where you feel valued and can really have an impact. The more I understand about Northreach and the team the more I knew it would be the place for me, and happy to say I haven’t looked back since.

N: Do you remember your first day?

R: Being honest I remember some of my first day – having an induction meeting with everyone and finding out what everyone did, what recruitment actually was being so fresh into it, going through plans and what I needed to do to grow and develop, and if I know Northreach probably resulted in going for a drink after work!

N: What has been your biggest achievement/success?

R: My biggest achievement? There’s so many to choose from… Coming into recruitment with almost zero experience or knowledge around how it worked one of my biggest personal successes, I’d have to say is doing my first deal from start-to-end with a new client. That or hitting my best year yet in 2020 and smashing my yearly target.

N: What’s your favourite part of the job?

R: This is so cliche I’m cringing saying it, but the people. I can honestly say the people I work with are not just colleagues but real friends. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much as when I’m with these people – not just in work but outside of work as well. The challenges we do for charity that I’ve been lucky to be a part of are honestly some of my fondest memories – whether it be our delusional conversations at 4am after playing boardgames for 20-odd hours or rolling on the floor laughing at a half-built tent and a DreamCatcher air mattress on our Hike challenge. These people never cease to make me laugh and push me to be the best me, and I couldn’t thank them all enough for that.

N: Your top three words to describe Northreach… 

R: Top three words to describe Northreach is easy – Different. Family. Laughs.

Robbie will be working within the FinTech / Digital markets, building out our permanent and contract services within these sectors of the UK. <click>

Whether you’re looking for a job in that field or need a superstar to join your team, don’t hesitate to drop him a message! or give him a call at 01277 532093 !

Congrats again, Robbie! Well done. 🙂