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Ah, Halloween. A time for costumes, candies, and… quirky recruitment stories? That’s right! We’re back with Part II of our Halloween special, where the eerie tales of recruitment mishaps continue. If you thought our first episode was wild, you’re in for an even wilder ride this time around.

Not a video person? No worries! Plug in your headphones and let the tales unfold as you listen to our podcast version.

Giving you a glimpse into a few tales from our extensive list of horror stories:

When money mysteriously vanishes

We all know the excitement of receiving a job offer and sometimes a bonus to sweeten the deal. But what happens when that money just…disappears? In this haunting tale, money given to a candidate seemed to vanish into thin air. What could’ve happened? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

When “humour” goes wrong

Now, everyone loves a good joke, right? But there are times and places for everything. Listen in as we uncover the story of a candidate who thought it’d be “hilarious” to drop inappropriate comments during an interview. Cringe-worthy? Absolutely!

Dressed for success

In a twist that’ll warm your heart, amidst all these spook-tacular stories, we’ve got one that showcases the sheer kindness humans are capable of. Discover the touching story of Phil who went the extra mile, buying a candidate new clothes just before an interview. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

Snooze fest

We’ve all had those days wherein staying awake seems like the world’s biggest challenge. But dozing off during a pivotal leadership meeting? Now, that’s something else entirely! Dive into this tale where a candidate decided that a leadership meeting was the perfect time for a power nap. Not just once but all the time…

The mysterious pooch and the sales pitch

Tom, during his door-to-door energy sales days, walked into a house on a challenging estate. Unknown to him, a dog sneaked in right behind him. In the midst of his sales pitch, with tension high, the dog decided to… relieve itself on the carpet. Awkward glances flew between Tom and the homeowner. Yet, Tom nailed the deal! As he left, the homeowner asked, “Aren’t you taking your dog?” Turns out, the pooch belonged to neither of them. Talk about an unexpected twist in a sales story.

Forging timesheets with a twist

Last, but not the least, we delve into the bewildering tale of a contractor. Not just any contractor, but one who had the audacity to forge timesheets. Tune in for more…

So, there you have it – a sneak peek into some of the most chilling yet chuckle-worthy recruitment stories we’ve come across. Perfect for setting the Halloween mood, this episode promises both chills and chuckles. As you listen or watch, you’ll travel between disbelief and sheer amusement, all while sipping your morning coffee.

If you enjoy these haunting tales of recruitment gone wrong (or right?), don’t forget to share them with your network. From all of us at Northreach, have a spellbinding Halloween. Until next time, keep your stories spooky and your coffee strong! 🎃👻

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