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I have always felt conflicted with this question; do photos have a place on a CV?

Is it relevant to the job and does it matter? The same could be said for your name – apart from the obvious, does it affect your job application?

In a world where LGBT is centre stage, is it possible that ethnic sounding names and photos on CVs are being used for passive discrimination purposes?
Is the use of identification through these methods being utilised to express discrimination and prejudice today?
I totally disagree with discrimination of any kind, but I believe that it is wrong to remove photos / names off job applications in the fear prejudgment will be made.

Buts the conundrum is that if prejudice is likely to be exercised, then discrimination will still happen later in the application process, which simply serves to prolong the inevitable and will not defeat the unacceptable discrimination present in our society.
And what about social media, advertising, bloggers, fashion and the internet? We are bombarded by photoshopped images, picture perfect celebrity selfies and a consistent reminder of what to wear, what to eat and how to look every single day. Image is everything right?
So, has this effected the way we interview job candidates? I think that unhappily there is evidence that in some cases our modern obsession with self-image can distort judgement, but overall, professional and intelligent companies will always hire the right talent for the role to tangibly add value and increase productivity and profitability for their business. That is the reason they employ new people!
So here is the question that I would like people to share their views on; do photos and full names have a firm place on job applications and CVs?

This was a tough topic for me to cover but I feel an important one as it does exist.
Working together we will put an end to prejudice and discrimination, it will never be an overnight fix.