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The Ultimate Northreach Essentials Kit for you when you start a new job with us.













Cotton shopping bag – because we take care of environment and want you to join the movement.

Grab a cotton bag whenever you go to a shop and commit to go plastic free!




Screen cleaning cloth + cleaning spray – we all can’t stand finger prints on a phone screen!






Coaster – who doesn’t get annoyed by all the coffee circles on the desks?






Notebook – because the old fashioned way is the best way to keep track on daily tasks – make them notes!






Sticky notes – we don’t know anyone who doesn’t use them!






Paper clips – to keep all important documents well organised!






Our stickers – the funky way to spread the word!






Fancy getting our essentials kit? Upload your cv and let’s get you a dream job. The package will arrive on your first day in a new job! How cool is that? 🙂