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Connecting Biotech innovators with top talent

Providing customised talent solutions to the Start Codon portfolio.

Big enough to deliver, small enough to care.

Founded by Sam and Ben Ingram, Northreach is your strategic talent partner, specialising in assisting Start Codon portfolio companies and innovative startups and SMEs in the Biotech sector. Leveraging over 40 years of recruitment and startup experience, our focus is on nurturing long-term relationships and ensuring that candidates align perfectly with our clients, all aimed at driving sustained growth.


Services we provide

Providing end-to-end recruitment services, Northreach is a one-stop talent solution provider. From candidate acquisition to onboarding, we have it all covered.


Why choose us?

With Northreach, you get a comprehensive partnership, not just a service provider. We provide deep niche sector knowledge, proactive talent acquisition, quality candidates, and full support for recruitment.


Testimonials from our clients

Discover the impact we’ve made through the words of our valued clients. Their testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence and the enduring relationships we foster in the biotechnology sector.

Meet the team at Start Codon

Meet the team from the Start Codon event held on October 10th. If you’d like to continue your conversations with Sam Ingram, Phil Rose, Taylor Ironmonger, or Julien Funes, you can find their contact information below. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.



Home is where the heart is, and for Sam creating a family-run business has been an amazing journey. At the very beginning, his unique vision to reinvent recruitment in an unforgiving market seemed like a dream. Sam was driven by the idea that people should come first and pursuing this resulted in the successful company you see today. Over the last seven years Sam has expanded his talent team and is currently responsible for mentoring four budding recruitment rockstars. He has a deep commitment to social responsibility and has spearheaded local community programmes and charity events.

  • He’s a Lego enthusiast and has over 1000 pieces in his collection
  • Sam would love to live in a forest completely off the grid
  • As a child, he wanted to be a Power Ranger
Director – Bio Team


Bringing in over a decade of recruitment and consulting experience to Northreach, Phil proudly leads the company’s Bio Team. In 2007, the wannabe golf pro, traded in his ball-striking arm and took a swing at recruitment. Although he thrives in a busy environment, Phil’s role also requires a depth of calm and patience that only someone who’s spent many years on the green can employ.

  • I can play the drums and I’m currently learning to play guitar
  • I’m a baker’s son
  • As a child, I wanted to be Tiger Woods


Meet Taylor: a former mixologist, who once shook-up cocktails with flair, and a traveller who called Ireland home for six exciting years. Taylor’s youthful ambition led to a flirtation with Irish dancing—an episode that might have been short-lived but is forever cherished. TV-wise, Peaky Blinders captivates Taylor’s attention, offering a glimpse into a bygone era of grit and glamour. Golf is more than just a hobby—it’s a passion that Taylor pursues fervently. Music fuels Taylor’s soul; any genre, any time. Among friends, Taylor shines for kindness and humour.  With a spirit geared toward adventure, Taylor has the Dominican Republic pinned as the ultimate getaway. Even though sharks, spiders, and snakes might send shivers, they don’t dampen Taylor’s zest for life’s fun moments.

Fun Facts

  • A young dreamer, aiming to be Tiger Woods.
  • Savory delight: Steak and Mac&cheese.
  • Attempted Irish dancing briefly as a child.


Meet Julien, a sports enthusiast with a passion for exploring different cultures and cuisines. With a background representing Northern Ireland at an international level in Tae-Kwon Do, Julien has a strong competitive spirit and a drive to succeed. But he is not just about sports. Julien is a polyglot, fluent in two languages and always eager to learn more. Julien is also no stranger to injury, having dislocated both shoulders multiple times, but that has never stopped him from pushing forward and achieving their goals. When he isn’t training or working, you can find him indulging in good food and wine, trying out new Italian, Argentine or BBQ dishes. But the real secret to Julien’s success? He has a hidden talent of being able to wiggle both ears without touching them, and he is always up for a good laugh and a good time.

  • Julien speaks two languages: French and Spanish
  • He’s a self-confessed fitness freak
  • He’s dislocated his left shoulder 6 times

Transform your team


    five-star reviews from
    our candidates!

    Sjors Schrijnemaekers
    February 2, 2024.
    It was my first experience with Northreach recruitment and proved to be a memorable one! Alwiya approached me one day over the phone. In a calm professional manner, she briefly explained a job opportunity to me and reason why I'd make a perfect fit. Driven by her natural enthusiasm and reassuring approach, I felt comfortable straight away. Usually, I tend to 'slam the phone' on any calls. But this was different, in a good way. Within hours a fews emails had gone back and forth. A job interview got arranged and no effort seemed too great. Even when small changes had to be made, she came up with quick solutions. It all paid off, as I got hired in the end! Wow. This all won't have been possible without Alwiya's limitless energy. I therefore give you 5 stars, as you're a true asset to the company.
    Ali Jafari
    February 1, 2024.
    I'm delighted with the service provided by Alwiya Sheikh. Her prompt responses and substantial assistance made the job-seeking process smooth and efficient. Grateful for the support that ultimately led to securing a new Junior Account Manager role. Highly recommend her expertise!
    Jordan Davies
    February 1, 2024.
    Tori and Alwiya at Northreach have been incredible to work with! Extremely friendly and professional, going above and beyond to make sure you are fully equipped to handle any challenges. I really appreciate what they’ve done for me.
    RitikaRoy Santiago
    January 12, 2024.
    I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation to Northreach Recruitment. I am extremely pleased and thankful for all the support and assistance they provided me with regarding job opportunities. I am thrilled to share that I have been selected by SBI UK, and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of Alwiya Sheik, the recruitment officer who guided me every step of the way. I am truly grateful and indebted to the recruitment agency for their exceptional work. Being new to London, UK, they managed to help me secure this job within just 2 months. It's been an incredible journey, and I can't thank them enough. Warm regards, Ritika Santiago
    Tannaz H
    January 2, 2024.
    Worked with Anthony from NorthReach regarding the position I applied for. He made the process very simple and would follow up to ensure all my enquiries were dealt with in a timely manner. Thank You!
    Sara Seshadri
    December 23, 2023.
    Great help by Ian for finding my first job post-PhD. Really professional and efficient with helping with the application and suggesting a more suited role. Ian was really friendly, would highly recommend!
    noel boshoff
    December 20, 2023.
    Alwiya & Ben from Northreach helped me get the job I wanted and were very kind and professional throughout the process. Thank you all for your help and guidance throughout the process.
    Nawid Faghirzada
    December 16, 2023.
    I was looking for a sales related work for a very long time, going through some hard times and was not getting anywhere.. I saw this company and thought let me try this recruitment agency. I dealt with Dorian, at the beginning I was thinking it’s gonna be all the same like my previous experiences, but to my surprise, I was shocked how good and professional Dorian was. He really prepared me fully for the interviews which I was put forward to. I have just one thing to say: Dorian if you do see this, I just want to thank you for making my life easier, ur an amazing guy and thank you very much for your support!!
    Daniel Mcgrain
    December 12, 2023.
    Very professional company who always kept me in the loop of the progress of my application. Would 100% use their services again.